I have just suffered a disaster, I need an insurance expert

Claim handling

Your insurance policy sets out the terms of an appraisal following a loss.

Most damage insurance policies provide for an out-of-court contradictory appraisal. In this case, your insurance company will designate its appraiser but it is in your interest to appoint your own consultant expert as soon as possible.

Our hundred-year-old experience as insurance appraisers speaks for us: our appraisers are true professionals, trained as architects and engineers: they will bring you genuine know-how and expertise.

Immediately after the crisis, we shall advise and assist you in order to:

  • Safeguard all the evidence (protective measures)
  • Take all necessary steps to ensure the security or the preservation of property (emergency measures) in agreement with your insurers

We need to step in as soon as the claim has been recognized by the appraiser appointed by your insurance company. Our experts will assist and represent you during this first meeting which must enable:

  • The analysis of the causes and the circumstances of the disaster
  • Together with an estimate of the loss incurred

Our experts assist and advise you from the first meeting acknowledging the claim to the quantification of the losses incurred and your acceptance of the indemnity due to you. As the claim progresses, our proactive teams remain at your disposal to pass on any useful information and advice.

As claim settlement specialists our experts will draw up an inventory of your loss reflecting the damage incurred exactly. This inventory will be in line with the cover provided by your insurance policy and will comply with all your recommendations.

Our experts will negotiate individually each and every item on the claim for losses they have drawn up.
They will defend you throughout the wear and tear appraisal process and will bring you all the benefit of their experience as ‘negotiators’.