[Article] An expert view for your estimates

Since the opening of access to the “Requests for land values” database, or DVF, which lists all land sales carried out over the last five years, in mainland France and in the departments and territories of overseas — except in Mayotte and Alsace-Moselle. The market value appraisal market is undergoing major changes. However, long gone are the days when having recent divestment data from transactional activities gave a real competitive advantage. However, more than ever Read more…

[Feedback] Machine breakage Minoterie Prunault

Interview with Patrick Prunault following a machine breakdown at Minoterie Prunault. The Minoterie Prunault, which specializes in high-end flours, made from wheat from organic farming, had to stop its activity following a machine breakdown. Collomé Frères accompanied him as an adjuster in the settlement of this claim and the compensation for his material damage and operating losses. At the end of the expertise, the Minoterie Prunault was able to resume its activity in excellent conditions.

[Event] AMRAE 2023 D-10

D-10, before the 30th AMRAE Risk Management meetings in Deauville. Meet us from February 1 to 3, 2023. We will be pleased to present our new GeoValue solution, a modern mapping tool that identifies and organizes insurance capital with regard to their geographical location and their exposure to different risks.