[Press] Interview with Stéphane Debeauve – Atout Risk review

If you haven’t seen it yet, find the interview with Stéphane Debeauve in AMRAE’s Atout Risk review. With more than 115 years of claim handling, Collomé Frères continues to create new “tailor-made” solutions and develops products dedicated to cyber risk. Fort de plus de 115 ans d’expertise après sinistres, Collomé Frères continue de créer de nouvelles solutions « sur mesure » et développe des produits dédiés au risque cyber. Entretien avec Stéphane Debeauve, Président de Collomé Frères. Read more…

[Press] Journal France-Antilles – Edition Cyclone

Our West Indies office is in the Cyclone edition of the FRANCE ANTILLES newspaper. Collomé Frères is the only company based in the West Indies that is certified as an Insured Expert by Bureau Veritas Certification as part of the preliminary and post-disaster appraisals. Find the newspaper with their interview on page 15: Guadeloupe: https://fr.calameo.com/read/0030747012bef583416d6 Martinique: https://fr.calameo.com/read/0030747017c758a6cb9bd

[New] Preliminary assessment site

[New] Expert for more than 115 years, Collomé Frères carries out your preliminary assessment to anticipate risks, risk visits and discuss on solid and healthy bases with your insurers. Discover our new site dedicated to preliminary assessment, estimation by extrapolation and Maximum Possible Loss : www.expertise-prealable.fr