I would like to determine the value of my goods and property

Preliminary assessment

As a rule, assessment values taken into consideration by insurers are:
– Identical replacement value of the property
– With a possible adjustment for depreciation owing to wear and tear
These values therefore differ greatly from the historical acquisition values.

Our department specialized in the provision of prior assessments of insured assets for buildings, contents and valuables, proposes you the draughting of certified reports which may go towards justifying the existence and condition of goods and property after a loss. 

Property market value

The market value assessment services we provide for your real estate are carried out totally independently from property market players.

Following an in-depth study of the local market, our real estate professionals estimate the market value of the property under consideration:

  1. By comparison to recent transactions involving similar property
  2. Depending on the approach, by capitalization of income
  3. With the use of other methods suited to each individual case