How can I optimize my capital assets management?

Fixed asset management

We offer a complete range of fixed assets management services, including:

  • Physical inventories
  • Accounting reconciliation
  • Assistance with the implementation of procedures
  • Team supervision and training

    Our experience enables us to offer you tailored services meeting every requirement:

    • Whether in legal terms
    • As part of group reporting

    We can carry out audits of the acquired assets in terms of:

    • Their existence
    • Their net value
    • Their state of repair and operation

    In addition to our physical inventory and reconciliation services, we can support you while your data is being integrated into your new tools.

    Our inventories and reconciliations are customized to take all the analytical or economic data of the business into account. We are also highly experienced in the reconstruction of fixed assets master files (accounts breakdown or grouping).

    We can offer tailored solutions for the reconstruction of a master file:

    • Based on our physical surveys
    • Based on our century-old experience of property assessment in terms of economic value or of presumed original gross carrying value

    We offer a wide range of services including:

    • Physical justification verification tests
    • The review of the calculation basis
    • Simulation work to budget the issues

    To optimize the roll-over of your investments, we bring you assistance solutions for the physical management of your assets.

    We offer different registration solutions, from bar code labelling to plates dedicated to a specific branch of industrial activity.

    We can put a dedicated team at your service to support and train your staff, as well as to help you draft procedure handbooks.

    We can draft the inventory and status report of your assets, and support you while the data is fed into the CMMS.

    Fixed assets analytical spread

    Our hundred-year-old experience of assessments for identical replacement enables us to offer fixed assets analytical spread services, ranging from the definition of the components classifications and of their technical lifespan to the breakdown proposal of the initial gross value.

    We can provide specific solutions, from the audit of the depreciation periods utilized to a full consulting assignment with a view to overhauling technical depreciation periods.

    We offer you the benefit of a comprehensive assignment package allowing for genuine synergies in the implementation of services rendered, in particular during the on-site physical data collection stages.