How can my insured assets be best determined?

Preliminary assessment

As a rule, the values taken into consideration by insurers are:

  • The identical replacement value of the property
  • With a possible adjustment for depreciation deriving from wear and tear

These new replacement or insurance values are therefore very different from the historical acquisition appearing on the balance sheet.
Our service specializing in the provision of preliminary assessments of insured capital including buildings, equipment, contents and works of art draws up certified reports which may enable you to take advantage of a rescinding of the average clause rule in the French context.

Our extensive experience in loss claim settlement and our far-reaching expertise in terms of preliminary assessments of insured capital mean we can undertake consultancy assignments tailored to your every need which, in relation with your insurance broker, will enable you to define a Contractual Limit of Indemnity.

All our preliminary assessment reports are organized as dedicated databases which remain the property of our clients.

These databases make it possible to sort and bring together the estimated assets using any relevant criterion defined beforehand, such as the level of protection of the premises or the subsidiary cost account.

Hence it is possible:

  • To consolidate separately the assets in various protected areas which may be eligible for special pricing,
  • To break down capitals for accounting purposes according to the relevant cost centres.

Collomé Frères also offers its GeoValue solution for:

  • Identify and organize your damage and business interruption insurance capital issues with regard to their geographical location and their exposure to different risks,
  • Offer you better visibility of your risks.

Find more information on our site dedicated to preliminary expertise.

We can offer a wide range of simplified services, from the reassessments of existing fixed listings to carrying out test appraisals.

We undertake on-demand assignments, ranging from a preliminary evaluation of the gross margins to be covered, to the in-depth analysis of simulated losses and of their consequences on your business. These tasks can be built into a forward-looking loss prevention policy, possibly carried out in collaboration with your insurance brokers.

We offer you the benefit of a comprehensive assignment package allowing for genuine synergies in the implementation of services rendered, in particular during the on-site physical data collection stages.