I am looking for an expert in claim or dispute settlements

Claim handling

We have a department which is wholly dedicated to claim appraisals:

  • Involving direct damage (to buildings, general and technical installations, equipment and contents, goods…)
  • As well as intangible damage (operating losses, financial losses…)
  • Following any type of disaster: fire, explosions, break of machine, water damage, theft, acts of God, transport, liability claims against your professional liability insurance

Our experts have various backgrounds suited to any type of issue.
They are assisted by a dynamic and proactive support team to expedite the follow-up of your case.

We provide tailored sole appraiser solutions ensuring you will be assigned a dedicated independent representative:

  • Economically
  • Technically
  • Professionally

These solutions are covered by specific contracts based on detailed specifications and validated by the insurers involved.

We provide a complete range of services, from:

  • The analysis of the causes and circumstances with a view to determining the advisability of a claim against a third party
  • coherent damage appraisal
  • An inventory of your loss
  • To the creation of a database dedicated to the handling of this information

Arbitration, legal advice and assistance (domestic claims)

Capitalizing on our highly-developed experience in settling many different types of claims and of negotiating damage compensation, we can offer various services making it possible for the client:

  • To outsource the discussion from the context of a potentially sensitive client / supplier relationship
  • To benefit from the expertise of a professional fully capable of:
    – Determining the origins of incidents from a technical point of view
    – Evaluating the consequences and their accountability
    – Draw up and defend a detailed estimate
    – Critically review demands from third parties

We carry out tasks ranging from drawing up comprehensive inventory losses to support, assistance and advice throughout the out-of-court or court-ordered appraisal procedures.